Translating Justice Trainer’s Toolkit

  • Translating Justice Partners: Vera Institute of Justice, Case de Esperanza’s National Latin@ Network, Mujeres Unides y Activas, Asian Pacific Islanders Institute on Gender Based Violence, IGNITE, National Center on Victim of Crime, and consultant Alice Sykora

This Translating Justice Toolkit gives trainers everything they need to produce their own language access training. It can be presented as a full two-day training on language access, or split up into specific modules. The Toolkit includes Power Points, faculty instructions, handouts, exercises, sample agendas, and evaluations for both in-person and virtual learning opportunities. The Translating Justice Initiative was created to develop a comprehensive language access curriculum addressing the training needs of crime victim service providers around language access for people with limited English proficiency and people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.


This seven-module curriculum toolkit includes:


Module One: What is Language Access and Why Does it Matter?


Module Two: Providing Meaningful and Effective Access: Where to Start


Module Three: Developing a Language Access Plan for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals


Module Four: Language Access Provision Needs Assessment and Resources


Module Five: Working with Interpreters – Enhancing Communication with Individuals with Limited English Proficiency or Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Module Six: Providing a Bridge Between Languages: Translation, Technology, and Other Assistive Language Access Needs


Module Seven: Language Access Monitoring and Compliance

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Published on:
September 6, 2019
Resource Type:
Communities of Focus:
Deaf people, Immigrants and/or Individuals with Limited English Proficiency
Intended Audience:
Advocates, Attorneys, Judges, Law Enforcement Officers, Other, Other First Responders, VOCA Administrators