Resources to Transform Access for LGBTQ+ Sexual Assault Survivors

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Victim Rights Law Center

Tips for Strengthening LGBTQ+ Sexual Assault Survivors’ Access to Services in Oregon

This Tip Sheet is designed to help advocates, attorneys, and others serving sexual assault survivors improve their services to the LGBTQ+ communities. The tips are based on feedback from LGBTQ+ survivors about what they’d like from service providers, as well as feedback from victim service providers about the tools they lack. We’ve included a resource list to help providers further their learning and identify additional tools to improve services to LGBTQ+ sexual assault survivors.


Transforming Access for LGBTQ Sexual Assault Survivors: Why Is it Important and What Can You Do?

This one-hour webinar is intended to help victim advocates in Oregon better serve LGBTQ+ survivors. The webinar covers key terminology; barriers LGBTQ+ survivors face in accessing services; steps providers can take to address those barriers; and a discussion of why, how, and when to ask survivors questions about sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE questions).

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Published on:
June 5, 2020
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Tip Sheet, Webinar
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Advocates, Attorneys