Older Victims of Crime Trainers and Educators Forum

A main priority identified in the victim advocacy and justice fields was a need for support for increasing capacity to train on issues related to older victims of crime and abuse, and in particular older victims with limited access to healing and justice services due to systemic inequity, racism, homophobia, ageism, and other operationalized oppressions.


The “Older Victims of Crime Trainers and Educators Forum” was created for current and emerging trainers and educators to have a virtual peer-to-peer exchange where you can:

• learn from each other;
• get feedback on new ideas;
• share educational and training resources;
• discuss helpful tips and tools to use in your training work; and
• make connections on training topics impacting older crime victims.


The aim of this forum is to create dialogue, learn from one another, build on tested approaches, and explore new ideas on how the field can equitably support older victims of crime.


On the forum you can join conversations about:

• Effective Approaches to Training and Facilitation
• Ageism and its Impact on Accessing Services
• Advancing Principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
• Considerations for Accessibility
• Storytelling/Centering the Voices of Older Crime Victims
• Resilience
• Selected Resources and Statistics from the Crime Victims Field
• Ongoing/Upcoming Training Opportunities
• Other topics community members want to explore!




To register for the forum visit:

NCALL Older Victims of Crime Trainers and Educators Forum


Published on:
May 11, 2020
Resource Type:
Communities of Focus:
Intersectional, Older adults
Intended Audience:
Advocates, Attorneys, Judges, Law Enforcement Officers, Other, Other First Responders, VOCA Administrators