Older Victims of Crime Social Media Toolkit

Social media can be a critical tool for sharing the stories, needs, and barriers for older survivors of crime and abuse. We invite you to use this toolkit to help expand your networks’ knowledge of and access to services for older survivors.

The “Older Victims of Crime Social Media Toolkit” is designed to make it easy for victim service agencies and allied professionals to share knowledge, increase engagement, and start conversations online to support older victims of crime and abuse. The toolkit includes designed and ready-to-upload posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that address topics like:

• Confronting ageism
• Elder Abuse
• Anti-oppression and victimization
• Building rapport with older survivors
• LGBTQ+ older survivors
• The role of culture in providing services
• Considerations for tribal communities
• Building a network of resources for older adults

How to use this Social Media Toolkit:

1. Download the toolkit pdf and the zipped files that contain all social media graphics. The zipped files include: 10 images correctly sized for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The toolkit pdf includes recommended text and hashtags for each image as well as helpful tips for considering accessibility needs using each platform. The image file names correspond with numbers listed in the toolkit pdf.

2. Select the posts that most resonate with your work. (Feel free to alter the suggested post text to better meet your needs.)

3. Schedule or post throughout the year! All posts are relevant at any time and are not linked to any specific date.

4. Include any or all of the suggested #hashtags, which will increase your reach and impact.

5. Enjoy the positive impact your posts will make!

Downloadable Resources

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Published on:
May 11, 2020
Resource Type:
Communities of Focus:
Older adults
Intended Audience:
Advocates, Other First Responders, VOCA Administrators