Changing The Identity of Justice

  • Rebecca Balog

HybridLove Stories is a project that collectively lifts the veil of layers that reside across concurrent identities that fluctuate in and out of the spotlight of anti-violence work. This includes: Survivor/Advocates; Bi or Multi-Racial Identities; Leadership/Allyship (Helpers); Systems of Justice and Equity; Historical Standards/New Social Change; and the complex “isms” that often decide program processes and our direct services that support Survivors.

This webinar highlights these intersections and layers, offers troubleshooting concepts, and real-time advocacy brick and mortar tools for equity in the anti-violence movement, from the bedrock to the keystone!

Presenter: Rebecca Balog


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Recorded in September 2020; not live

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Published on:
October 2, 2020
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Advocates, Other